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How to Teach Your Children Good Dental Hygiene

Children that develop good dental hygiene habits when they are young are much more apt to continue those habits for a lifetime. It is easier than you may think to teach children of all ages how to properly care for their teeth. Investing time and patience now will certainly pay off in the long run! […]

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How Should I Prepare For My Child’s First Dental Visit?

Many parents may feel overwhelmed thinking about their child’s first dental visit. By understanding what a first appointment entails and how to prepare for it, we can help eliminate those first visit jitters and make the experience a positive one. This guide will answer some common questions about the preparation and expectations of your child’s […]

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Parents’ Guide to Baby Teeth

Children’s smiles certainly light up a room, but it is not uncommon to notice imperfections in those mouths! Don’t be alarmed, baby teeth come in all sizes, shapes, and slants. They are a critical component of every child’s development and more often than not there are logical reasons why baby teeth form the way they […]

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What are the Most Common Problems with Baby Teeth?

The most common problem with baby teeth is an issue referred to as Early Childhood Caries. This occurs when a baby’s teeth are in frequent contact with sugary liquids or carbohydrates that break down into sugars, even milk and fruit juices.  The simple sugars sit for long periods of time in the mouth.  Once this […]

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