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Dental Post-Op Instructions

Pediatric Post-Op Instructions: PDF Form

Pediatric Postoperative Instructions after Dental Extraction

Avoid chewing until the numb feeling wears off. This will be a few hours. Soft foods that do not need to be chewed are fine. (Yogurt, pudding, applesauce, popsicle)

Motrin (Ibuprofen) can be given for pain as needed according to the over the counter instructions. If pain recurs prior to a new dose of Ibuprofen, Tylenol may be taken according to the over the counter instructions. You can expect soreness of the mouth for a few days

Encourage quiet activity the day of the extraction. You can expect a normal activity level the following day.

Keeping your child’s teeth clean will encourage good healing of the gums after dental extraction. Assist your child with brushing and flossing starting the day after surgery.

Stitches may have been placed. These stitches will dissolve on their own in 5-10 days. If there is some bleeding from the extraction site you can apply pressure with clean gauze or a wet tea bag. If bleeding persists, please contact us.

Follow up
If your child has any difficulty following a dental extraction please contact our office.

To reach a dentist after regular office hours: Emergency On-Call Service: 603-944-9196

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