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General Dentistry

Our patients health and comfort is our first priority. We have state of the art technology in educated, experienced hands for improved comfort and beautiful results.

4As we maintain an awareness of the relationship of the mouth to overall health, we also focus our concern on each patient’s physical and emotional comfort. A healthy smile enhanced by cosmetic techniques – veneers, bonding, whitening, contouring teeth and even the addition of orthodontic care – can improve self-esteem and self confidence.

As part of a commitment to maintaining the latest technological advances for high quality comfortable care, the dental laser has been incorporated into our practice. Drs. Lindner and Splagounias have achieved certification as associate fellows in laser dentistry by the World Clinical Laser Institute. They are also actively involved in advanced training at the Pankey Dental Institute, a world-renowned leader in continuing education for dentists. By keeping up with the latest advances in dentistry, our doctors aim to provide the most comfortable dental care possible.

[content_box style=”golden” title=”Did you know?”] mini-smileOur adult general practice makes every effort to customize your treatment program to your personal dental needs –Compassionate Care for a Lifetime. [/content_box]

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