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Infant Dental Care

 Learn about Infant Oral Care and help your child toward a healthy smile for life

Prevention of dental problems starts early. Children can start to have cavities as young as 6 to 12 months of age. Because treatment of decay in young children can be costly and traumatic for the parent and child, learning the best ways to prevent dental decay from your infant or pediatric dentistry specialists is recommended.

The age one dental visit allows your child to be established in a “dental home.” At Lindner Dental Associates, our pediatric dental hygienists and pediatric dentists will answer your questions and discuss appropriate diet and oral hygiene practices that will achieve optimal results for your infant or child’s oral health. One of our pediatric dentists will then examine your child’s teeth and gums. This visit will provide a proactive way for your infant to maintain a cavity-free mouth.

[content_box style=”golden” title=”Did you know?”] mini-smileCareful research has shown that early establishment of a “dental home” may prevent significant lifelong problems. A first dental visit by Age 1 is ideal. [/content_box]

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