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More Adults Seeking Invisalign Treatment

Americans are focusing more and more attention on improving their smiles through orthodontics. Why? A recent survey of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 92 percent of adults surveyed cited an attractive smile as a social asset – but only 50 percent of those adults were satisfied with their own smile. But until recent years, the number of adults willing to undergo treatment was low. Few adults want to endure the “metal mouth” look.

But less noticeable options such as ceramic or clear braces and nearly invisible, removable treatment with Invisalign are helping to open up the adult market for orthodontics. Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth using a series of clear, almost invisible, removable Aligners. Invisalign combines the doctor’s clinical treatment plan with proprietary 3-D, computer-generated software to make these sets of unique, custom-made Aligners that move teeth in very precise increments.

With recent advances in technology, the number of low-profile, comfortable, and convenient treatment solutions is increasing. Once in the dentist or orthodontist’s chair, many adults find a solution that fits their treatment needs and lifestyle.

Instead of wires or bands attached to the outside of your teeth where the world can see them, Invisalign treatment utilizes cutting edge technology to prepare a series of clear plastic molds of your teeth during each stage of alignment. Every two weeks, we will check on your progress and give you the next mold, or “aligner,” to keep your treatment on track. The aligners are removable, making for easier eating, brushing and flossing. They move your teeth into place gradually, but in a much shorter length of time than normal braces – you’ll achieve results in six months to a year with Invisalign.

Invisalign can improve the smiles of anyone with crossbites, overbites, underbites, crowded teeth or teeth that are spaced too far apart.


Before and After

An Excellent Invisalign Result — Adult Patient

This adult orthodontic patient had crowding of upper and lower front teeth. In particular one upper incisor was protruded out of the normal arch. To achieve the desired result, this patient faithfully wore the series of Invisalign trays as prescribed as Dr. Gary Lindner.

beforeandafter2Excellent Orthodontic Result with Good Patient Cooperation 

This patient began orthodontic treatment at age 10 with crowding of upper and lower teeth as well as anterior and posterior crossbites (upper teeth are behind lower teeth).  An outstanding result was achieved with the use of conventional orthodontic appliances (braces) and a high level of cooperation.  Great Job!!!!!


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