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Sports / Dental Injuries

What should I do if my child fractures his/her front permanent tooth?

Save the fragment and place it in milk if possible. Call your pediatric dentist. Occasionally the fragment can be rebonded to the tooth. If it is not possible to rebond the fragment an esthetic tooth colored filling can be bonded to the tooth.

What if a front permanent tooth is knocked out?

If the tooth is not dirty, replace the tooth in the socket and held in place with a tissue or towel. Call your pediatric dentist immediately. If the tooth is dirty, rinse in cool water without touching the root surface, then replace the tooth. Hold in place and call your pediatric dentist immediately. If replacement of the tooth is not possible, store it in milk and see your pediatric dentist immediately. The shorter the time the tooth is outside of the mouth, the better long-term result it will be.

What if my child’s tooth is displaced by an injury?

The tooth may need to be repositioned and stabilized. Call your pediatric dentist immediately. Early repositioning can have a better long-term result.

As a patient of our practice, you may count on us to provide emergency consultation or care for dental injuries.

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