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Our Promise

As we maintain an awareness of the relationship of the mouth to overall health, we also focus our concern on each patient’s physical and emotional comfort. A healthy smile enhanced by cosmetic techniques – crowns, veneers, bonding, whitening, contouring teeth and even the addition of orthodontic care – can improve self-esteem and self confidence.

We have recently expanded our general dental practice to provide for a growing practice as well as for a more relaxing atmosphere for our patients. As part of a commitment to maintaining the latest technological advances for high quality, efficient and comfortable care, the dental laser and Cerec machine have been incorporated into our practice.

Drs. Lindner and Splagounias have achieved certification as associate fellows in laser dentistry by the World Clinical Laser Institute.

Through the use of our Cerec machine we are able to create a crown from start to finish and allow our patients to leave with a crown the same day.

Additionally, we have a state of the art laboratory used for customizing each crown with staining and glazing for our individual patients needs.

We incorporate the most up to date techniques to restore single or multiple implants for one tooth or an entire arch.

As a commitment to our patients and our practice, we actively pursue continuing education to keep up with the latest advances in dentistry. Our focus is to provide our patients with the most comfortable dental care possible.

Did you know?

Our adult general practice makes every effort to customize your treatment program to your personal dental needs –
Compassionate Care for a Lifetime.

Our Services


Whether it’s one tooth or many teeth, we can help you create the smile you always wanted.

  • Custom Staining and Glazing

Our in office laboratory allows us to deliver to you a uniquely designed restoration that can be custom stained and glazed to best match your teeth. Our many color options help to make your restoration as life like as possible.

Cerec Dentistry

Our cerec machine uses CAD/CAM technology to assist in designing a virtual restoration that can then be milled in office and delivered to the patient the same day. This state of the art technology eliminates the need for impressions and also helps reduce the number of dental visits needed.


Many patients wish to have whiter teeth. Our office can help fit you with custom trays to speed up the whitening process. We will provide you with the whitening and we will help you monitor your progress along the way.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening is a great option for rapid tooth whitening. In a matter of hours, this system makes teeth lighter and brighter. Teeth whitening is a great way to brighten your appearance before a major event or upcoming photos, and we offer multiple options of tooth whitening at Lindner Dental. Ask about your tooth whitening options at your next visit!

Laser Dentistry

Our Waterlase machine combines water, air and energy to cut through both hard and soft tissues in the mouth. It can be used to remove cavities, cut away excess tissue, remove bone and even perform smile design. Advantages include more precise dentistry, less trauma, reduced bleeding and reduced inflammation.

Custom Night Guard / Custom Sports Guards

Perhaps you clench or grind your teeth? Or perhaps you wake up with headaches? We offer custom fit nightguards that help protect your teeth from loosing enamel and protect the musculature of the face.

Do you or your kids play sports? We can help protect their teeth in case of accidents or trauma. The guards offer more comfort and better fit than an over the counter guard.

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