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Specialized Dental Care for the Entire Family!

Adult and Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, NH

Our adult and cosmetic dentists are passionate about providing science based, cutting edge dental care with constant focus on patient comfort. We collaborate with each patient to understand and address individual goals and concerns. Communication between our dentists and our patients allows us to treat and guide our patients for the improvement and maintenance of their dental health and cosmetics. We believe in the importance of the patient – dentist relationship as a critical part of great dentistry. Each of our patients can expect a personalized treatment outline that addresses their specific dental needs and priorities.

The dentists you see here are lifelong learners, committed to staying at the forefront of dentistry and integrating improvements in comfort, quality, and treatment options. As a multi – specialty group, all of our dentists at Lindner Dental seek to learn and share knowledge with one another. At Lindner Dental our patients have access not only to excellent dentistry for routine needs, but also the latest advancements in dentistry including laser procedures, 3D – printing, intra – oral scanning, and Botox treatment.

Our Commitment: Compassionate and excellent dentalcare.

When To Seek Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients may have various cosmetic dental issues that are preventing the way they look, chew, and feel. Many patients seek cosmetic dentistry to improve their physical appearance, but there are other serious conditions that cosmetic dentistry may be able to treat. If you have crooked, discolored, cracked, or uneven teeth, you should seek a consultation with a cosmetic dentist to help come up with a dedicated plan for your smile.

Lindner Dentist operating on Patients teeth

Cosmetic Dental Services For Adults in Bedford, NH

Looking to improve or repair your smile with a cosmetic dental service? Discover below how Lindner Dental Associates can help with our various cosmetic dental procedures.

Cosmetic Veneers/Crowns

Whether it’s one tooth or many teeth, we can help you create the smile you always wanted. Cosmetic dental veneers and crowns help improve your smile and your appearance, while boosting your confidence. Veneers and crowns are two dental treatments offered for our cosmetic patients to help you have a perfect smile.

The Difference Between Dental Veneers and Crowns

Veneers and crowns may have similar purposes, but they are used for two different types of cases in patients. Veneers are a custom made “shell like” treatment that are placed in front of an existing tooth. There are different types of veneer options for patients to choose from including porcelain and composite veneers. Dental veneers are used to cover discolored or cracked teeth to hide cosmetic imperfections in your smile, while crowns are placed as a “cap” to protect weak or damaged teeth. Veneers are only placed in front of the tooth to hide it, while a crown is placed on top of an entire tooth to protect it. Crowns can last for many years if maintained properly, while veneers can last up to 10-30 years with reasonable precautions. Contact our office to better determine what cosmetic dental procedure your mouth needs!

Custom Staining and Glazing For Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Our in office laboratory allows us to deliver to you a uniquely designed restoration that can be custom stained and glazed to best match your teeth. Our many color options help to make your restoration as life-like as possible. We ensure that your cosmetic teeth look no different from your natural teeth with our perfect shade matching. Look and feel your best each time you smile!

Teeth Whitening Bleaching

Many patients wish to have whiter teeth. Our office can help fit you with custom trays to speed up the whitening process. We will provide you with the whitening and we will help you monitor your progress along the way.

Laser Dentistry

Our Waterlase machine combines water, air and energy to cut through both hard and soft tissues in the mouth. It can be used to remove cavities, cut away excess tissue, remove bone and even perform smile design. Advantages include more precise dentistry, less trauma, reduced bleeding and reduced inflammation.

Custom Night Guard / Custom Sports Guards

Perhaps you clench or grind your teeth? Or perhaps you wake up with headaches? We offer custom fit night guards that help protect your teeth from losing enamel and protect the musculature of the face. Do you or your kids play sports? We can help protect their teeth in case of accidents or trauma. The guards offer more comfort and better fit than an over the counter guard.

How To Ease Dental Anxiety in Patients

Whether you’re a child or an adult, dental anxiety is real. We understand not every patient looks forward to their upcoming dental appointment. Watch this video on ways you can overcome your fear of the dentist with our amazing dental staff at Lindner Dental Associates.

Smile Confidently With Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, NH

Lindner Dentist operating on Patients teeth

Lindner Dental Associates offers the best adult and cosmetic dental services in Bedford, NH. Whether you are looking to brighten your smile with our professional teeth whitening, or want to improve your smile with our crowns and veneers, our dentists are here for you. If you’re missing only one tooth or many teeth, we will do whatever it takes to provide you with a smile you always wanted. Learn more about how we can help you by giving us a call at 603-624-3900.

FAQ About Cosmetic Dental Services

What are cosmetic dental treatments?
Cosmetic dental treatments can be anything from teeth whitening to a smile makeover. Most patients are looking to brighten and whiten their stained or discolored teeth or want to fill in gaps of one-many teeth they may be missing. Whether you had trauma or a health related condition that caused you to lose or crack your teeth, cosmetic dental treatments are able to recover your appearance and boost your confidence again.

What are the advantages of veneers?
Veneers are an amazing cosmetic dental treatment that gives patients the appearance of natural teeth. Veneers blend with your teeth when matched appropriately and make it hard to tell the difference between which are real teeth and which are not. There are no food or drink restrictions with veneers. Veneers are also stain resistant, even more so than your natural teeth’s enamel. They can last up to 10-30 years with normal precautions and no maintenance required.

What to expect before and during veneer placement?

Before the placement of your veneers, your cosmetic dentist will examine your gums and teeth to see if you are a candidate for veneers. Once they have decided if you are, they will take impressions of your teeth. The creation of veneers in a dental lab can take up to two weeks, so your dentist may send you out with temporary veneers in the meantime. During your veneer placement, your dentist will first ensure the color and placement of your veneers is perfectly matched. They will then bond them on the correct teeth, check your bite, and make any necessary adjustment. No down-time or maintenance is required after the placement of your veneers!

What is the most effective way to whiten teeth?
Using a bleaching whitening treatment is the most effective to whiten, and keep your teeth white, for a longer period of time. Everyone wants white teeth, but not every at-home whitening treatment will work. Professional teeth whitening with a cosmetic dentist is the best, most effective way to whiten your teeth. Whether you choose an in-office whitening treatment, or an at-home bleaching tube treatment, a teeth whitening procedure by a dentist is the best way to achieve your whitening goals.