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Orthodontist, Pediatric Dentist, and Oral Surgeon in Bedford, NH

Bedford is located in Southern NH, bordering the towns of Goffstown and the city of Manchester to the north, Merrimack to the south, and Amherst and New Boston to the west. Bedford is viewed as an upscale residential town with a population of approximately 22,000. Bedford is a highly educated community that feels strongly about the importance of education. The Bedford School system is highly regarded and praised for excellence in academics. Bedford is a developing suburban residential town. Though the community and number of businesses and retail shops are growing, Bedford has preserved and maintained its small-town New England charm, making it an excellent place for residents, young and old.

At Lindner Dental, we cherish being a part of such an active, thriving community. We are all about creating a comfortable environment around oral health. Located right here in Bedford on South River Road, we offer a fun, friendly dental experience for the whole family. Our unique practice encompasses pediatric, orthodontic, cosmetic, and restorative dental care for all family members in a state-of-the-art facility. We strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere for all patients to alleviate any anxiety related to dental care. We aim to achieve a trusting, long-lasting relationship with you and your family.

Pediatric Dentist in Bedford, NH

Dentist cleaning Patients teeth

Lindner Dental specializes in pediatric and infant dental care. Children should start seeing a dentist as early as age 1. After a year, children typically already have several teeth. By starting visits early, most dental problems can be avoided. Our dentists are specifically trained to treat children, infants, and children with special needs. Our pediatric dentists and staff are committed to providing a warm, welcoming environment for a positive, kid-friendly experience. We have experience helping children and teens from all over Bedford, including students from Memorial, Peter Woodbury and Riddle Brook, McKelvie Intermediate School, Lurgio Middle School, and Bedford High School. We know your little one may be anxious or restless in our chairs, but our pediatric dentists are super fun, engaging and patient. Our team can work magic so that your little one has a successful appointment. Learn more about our pediatric dental services and how we can help your little ones look forward to coming into our office!

Orthodontist in Bedford, NH

Dr Tracy and Dr. Jia are passionate about helping you achieve your smile goals with the most cutting-edge technology and efficient treatment options. They love working with kids, teens and adults! We offer different customized treatment options to fit your lifestyle and meet your goals. Invisalign may be a great option for teens or adults who want a hidden way to straighten their teeth, improve their smile and correct their bite. We also offer 3D printed LightForce braces, which are high-technology and entirely customizable for your smile and needs. At your complementary initial consultation visit, Dr. Tracy and Dr. Jia will walk you through the options to best suit your needs. Learn more about our braces options and other orthodontic treatments today!

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Bedford, NH

At Lindner Dental, we also specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Our doctors are trained to recognize and treat various diseases or trauma to the head and neck. If you feel that you’re having problems with wisdom teeth, jaw discomfort, are interested in dental implants, or you are concerned about a possible tumor or cyst, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee. Our most trusted surgeon in the Bedford, NH region, Dr. Lee, works with patients from start to finish of their procedure. He knows anxiety before surgery is normal and wants to inform you of everything you need to know before surgery begins. Dr. Lee and his team are highly attentive and caring from the moment you step into the office. Whether you have your wisdom teeth removed or dental implants, our office will do whatever it takes to keep you comfortable. Learn more about our oral and maxillofacial surgeries, and contact us for an appointment today.

Visit Lindner Dental Associates in Bedford, NH

Our dentists are here to help you and your family with all of your dental needs. Our comprehensive dental services include cleanings, x-rays, crowns, fillings, oral surgery, teeth whitening, orthodontics, dental implants, and periodontal care. If you are an Amherst or Bedford resident interested in top-quality dental care, please get in touch with our office to schedule a consultation or appointment. 603-624-3900. We look forward to helping you improve your oral health!

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