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Dentistry in Amherst, NH

Family Dentistry In Amherst, NH

Amherst, NH is a town with just under 12,000 residents and located just a town over from our Bedford Dentist location! Due to Amherst’s proximity to our Bedford office, we have helped many families with their dental needs over the years. We take pride in offering a fun, friendly, and comfortable environment for all different types of families. We know how important the relationship between a dentist and a family is, so we always strive to build long-lasting relationships with every family that visits us!

Pediatric Dentist Services in Amherst, NH

Most people do not know this, but a child should start seeing a dentist starting at the age of 1. While pediatric and early infant dental care can be challenging for many dental offices, Lindner Dental specializes in this area. After roughly half a year of birth, infants will grow several teeth. We understand most young children are not receptive to receiving dental work, but after all these years in the industry, our staff knows how to provide a welcoming and laid-back environment.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery In Amherst, NH

Lindner Dental’s Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery helps treat diseases, injuries, and procedures on the jaw, neck, face, or head. For example, if your wisdom teeth are finally starting to bother you or you are experiencing jaw discomfort, this is where our oral & maxillofacial surgery can help out.

Dental Services for Amherst, NH Residents: Lindner Dental

If you are an Amherst, NH resident seeking to maintain or improve your overall dental health and hygiene, our team would love to help out! Contact us today to get started or book an appointment!

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