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Top Family Dentist in Milford

Milford is a suburban residential town in Southern New Hampshire in Hillsborough County. Milford is known for its town center, the ‘Milford Oval, ’ also known as Union Square. The Oval is a traffic rotary that connects Route 13 and 101A, but it also is located in the town village in the heart of small boutique stores, cafes, and restaurants. Though the Milford Oval is neither square nor oval in shape today, the name dates from the 19th century, when it was more of an actual oval shape. At the center is the Pillsbury Bandstand, serving as a centerpiece for the square, where local concerts on the common are held in the summer.

At Lindner Dental Associates, it is important to us to be a part of the community. We enjoy creating a comfortable environment that centers around oral health. Located in nearby Bedford, NH, we offer a friendly dental experience for the entire family. Our unique practice encompasses pediatricorthodonticcosmetic, and restorative dental care for all family members in a state-of-the-art facility. We strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere for all patients to alleviate any anxiety related to dental care. We aim to achieve a trusting, long-lasting relationship with you and your family.

Lindner Dental Associates specializes in pediatric and infant dental care. Children should start seeing a dentist early on. At age 1, children may already have several teeth. By starting visits early, most dental problems can be avoided. Our dentists are specifically trained to treat children, infants, and children with special needs. Our pediatric dentists and staff are committed to providing a warm, welcoming environment for a positive, kid-friendly experience.

We have experience helping children and teens from all over Milford, including students from Milford High School, Milford Middle School, Heron Pond Elementary School, Jacques Memorial Elementary School, and Sage School. Our dentists and orthodontists offer braces and Invisalign for teens and adults to straighten crooked teeth for a more confident, perfect smile.