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How to Reduce Braces Pain?

For anyone that has or has had braces, you know that they can get painful at times. Especially after they are tightened. Your teeth are moving and shifting, and they can get pretty sore. Also, braces can cause blisters in your mouth just from the metal scraping against the inside of your lip. Luckily, there are ways you can reduce the pain and blistering that is caused by braces.


If you are beginning to feel that irritation or blistering on your inner lips from the friction of the metal braces, ask your orthodontist for wax. Many orthodontists may provide you with wax, but if not, simply ask and they will be more than happy to provide you with some. This wax can be placed over your braces where you are feeling irritation, this will cover the metal portion of the braces and the soft, smooth wax will reduce the level of irritation.

Salt Water

Gargling warm salt water has many uses, it can help soothe a sore throat and is used to help alleviate some soreness within your mouth caused by irritation from braces. Using both saltwater and wax are very effective treatments for irritation and blisters due to the harsh braces.

Ice Packs/Heat Compress

If you are experiencing major soreness due to your braces, both your gums and teeth are tremendously sore. Ice packs and hot compresses can be useful to help reduce some of the pain and uncomfortableness

Over the Counter Painkillers

If the pain and soreness become even more severe and applying ice and warmth has not helped reduce the pain, over the counter painkillers can be used. Of course, take as directed and only use if the pain is severe.

Braces can be painful and uncomfortable at times, but you know what, that means they’re working! It will be worth it when you get them off and have a beautiful new and improved smile! Contact Lindner Dental with any braces related questions!