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Should I Wait to Get Braces for My Children?

It can be challenging to determine exactly when your child is in need of immediate orthodontic treatment. Braces for children has been occurring earlier and earlier but some parents fear that they may not be correcting their children’s teeth at the best time. Let’s explore when you should call the dentist for early orthodontic treatment.

Understanding Interceptive Treatment

Interceptive treatment is interchangeable with the term, “early orthodontic treatment,” and both refer to treatment that reduces a child’s bad bite while their adult teeth erupt and their jaws develop. The main intention of interceptive treatment is to correct orthodontic concerns at an early stage. It’s important to note that only one in five children who have a mixture of baby and adult teeth are candidates for early orthodontic treatment.

Reasons Why Your Child Would Need Interceptive Treatment

If your child is experiencing a large gap between the back of the upper front teeth and the front of the lower teeth when the jaw closes, they will need interceptive treatment. Additionally, your child will need this treatment if they are experiencing a crossbite. A crossbite is when the teeth in the upper arch fit to the inside of the lower teeth. Underbites are another cause for concern and your child should be seen for interceptive treatment.

Appliances may be needed during interceptive treatment such as when the dental arches and jaw are not positioned correctly. Your child may need additional orthodontic treatment down the road but it’s probably a less involved process.

Sometimes no appliances are necessary such as when a baby tooth needs to be extracted due to the adult counterpart erupting and the baby tooth cannot fall out on its own.

If you feel your child is suffering from an overjet, crossbite or underbite, it’s time to call the pediatric dentists at Lindner Dental. Schedule an appointment today by calling 603.944.9196!