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Why It’s Important to Clean Your Tongue

It’s common knowledge that brushing and flossing twice a day is crucial but if you avoid brushing your tongue, you aren’t properly fighting bacteria.

The buildup of bacteria on your tongue isn’t from harmless saliva, it’s microorganisms that gather on the surface of the tongue. Killing the bacteria on the tongue is much more difficult than removing it from the teeth because the biofilm cells are still thriving under the surface.

The Proper Way to Clean Your Tongue

Every time you brush your teeth make sure to brush your tongue as well. All you need to do is brush back and forth, side to side and then rinse your mouth with water.

A tongue scraper is a great tool that sufficiently peels mucus from the tongue. The scraper should be rinsed with warm water after each swipe. Use light pressure and focus on the center of the tongue to prevent bleeding.

Cavities & Brushing Your Tongue

Any bacteria that has been left behind on your tongue leads to bacteria on the teeth. This can cause cavities and lead to tooth decay. Bacteria will have a negative impact on tooth enamel and increase the likelihood of decay as well as gum disease.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Tongue

Not only does cleaning your tongue remove hazardous toxins and bacteria from the mouth but it can also enhance your taste buds. All the gunk on your tongue that builds up can block your taste buds. Removing the plaque will expose the taste buds and make the food you eat more flavorful.

Toxins won’t get reabsorbed by the body either when you scrape the bacteria off your tongue. Additionally, saliva production is increased which promotes a better digestion.

Bad breath is typically caused by a build-up of food, bacteria, fungi and dead cells on the back of the tongue. Even if the front of your tongue looks healthy, the back of your tongue could have a great deal of buildup which people can smell. You can say goodbye to bad breath when you regularly clean your tongue.

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