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How to Prepare for Wisdom teeth removal

For teenagers and young adults, getting your wisdom teeth removed is almost a right of passage. According to, almost 85 percent of people need to get their wisdom teeth out at some point during their lives! Chances are most people you know have had, or will have their wisdom teeth out.

Why do Wisdom teeth get pulled?

Wisdom teeth get pulled for a number of reasons. Many people experience impacted wisdom teeth, which is where the teeth cannot fully erupt because of blockages by other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infection, severe pain, as well as moving of other teeth. Wisdom teeth can also come in crooked and cause teeth to shift dramatically and cause pain. These are the most common reasons for Wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

Leading up to the surgery, you should already have an understanding of what exactly the surgery will entail. How many teeth are being pulled, what kind of anesthesia is being administered, and how long the procedure will take. Typically, general anesthesia will be used and in that case, you will need a ride home. You will be too groggy to operate a vehicle. When using general anesthesia, you may be required to fast the night before the procedure. These are all things to discuss with your oral surgeon prior to surgery.


Following the procedure, you will likely still be heavily sedated and should have arranged for a ride home. Once home, relax and get comfortable. The anesthesia will still be in effect and you may end up just falling asleep but regardless, it is important to get rest. When the anesthesia wears off there may be a fair amount of pain, but this can be negated with strong Tylenol or stronger pain medication that would have been given to you by your dentist. You should be equipped with ice packs and cotton swabs to deal with the bleeding and swelling. Avoid eating any solid food and be sure to clean out the area where your teeth had been. Food can easily get caught in the holes left from surgery and can cause infection and dry socket.


Recovery time for wisdom teeth removal surgery differs from person to person. It also depends on the severity of the patient’s situation. Talk to your dentist about recommended recovery time but you should take ample time off from work or school to allow for a full recovery!

If you have any questions regarding wisdom teeth removal or the procedure itself, contact the dental professionals at Lindner Dental today!