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Dr. Gary Lindner Appointed to Board of Child Health Services

Dr. Gary Lindner has been elected to the Board of Trustees of Child Health Services, a non-profit Manchester agency tending to the medical and social needs of at-risk chidren

Dr. Gary Lindner is honored to be part of the board of Child Health Services which is celebrating 30 years as a medical home to at risk children and adolescents from low income families in the Greater Manchester area.

Created upon the understanding that the provision of health care alone will not ensure the development of a healthy child, CHS addresses the factors that make a significant difference in the lives of our families: developing parenting skills, enrolling in enrichment programs, and accessing other specialized health care services such as dental services.

We are very grateful to the generous support of the community and deeply appreciate all that Lindner Dental Associates continues to do for and on behalf of our families.