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Foods That Can Chip Teeth

Although teeth are very strong, they are still prone to breaking and chipping, and often this can be caused by the kind of food you are eating. Chipping a tooth can turn a perfect dinner into a disaster, so here are some foods to avoid, or at least be aware of, so you won’t chip a tooth mid-meal.


Popcorn is a dentists sworn food enemy, flakes can get stuck in between teeth and under gums and can wreak all sorts of dental havoc. Another potential issue that can arise when consuming popcorn is the danger of chipping a tooth. Popcorn is generally soft and fluffy, but once in awhile a hard kernel can get mixed into a bite and you can unknowingly chomp down hard on the solid kernel… and crack. Next thing you know a portion of one of your teeth is missing, and you have popcorn to blame. Next time you go to the movies and order the large bucket of popcorn, just be aware of those pesky kernels and chew cautiously!


Biscotti or any bread crisps require extra attention when eating. These delicious baked goods are extremely hard and crispy and are a challenge even to bite through. Though they are delicious, they are dangerous, the higher the risk the higher the reward, right? Be mindful of the way you bite into these as well as the size of the bites you are taking to best avoid a chipped tooth.

Non-Food Items

Some of the major things that can cause chipped teeth are not food items at all believe it or not! We use our teeth for more than just chewing food. Opening packages in a pinch, biting tape, or even habits like nail biting or biting a pen cap. All of these things can cause a tooth to chip or a crown to break. Teeth are meant to chew food, not pen caps or plastic wrapping! You may be trying to open a candy bar and slip and crunch your teeth together causing a chip. Habits are hard to break, but breaking a habit like nail biting can help you in more ways than one!

If you do happen to chip a tooth or break a crown, contact Lindner Dental today for immediate dental repair!