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How Many Dental X-Rays Do My Children Need?

X-rays are a valuable tool for discovering issues in the teeth and bones. In order to properly diagnose dental diseases, X-rays are a crucial instrument, but they are not necessary for every exam. Patients who are at low risk for tooth decay and gum disease should have X-rays less frequently. By scheduling an X-ray, dentists are able to determine if a patient shows signs of disease or other potential problems that are otherwise unseen to the naked eye.
Generally, dentists offer X-rays once they’ve discovered signs and symptoms of a potential dental disease due to diet, hygiene, fluoride use or a number of other factors.  The dentists at Lindner Dental will check your child’s teeth, health history and risk factors prior to deciding if an X-ray is necessary.

See Below for the 5 types of X-rays that may be used on children:

Bitewing X-rays display the area between the teeth that cannot be seen directly. These X-rays are only necessary if the teeth in the back of the mouth are touching each other.

Periapical X-rays help dentists to view the crowns and roots of one or multiple teeth that are next to each other.  This type of X-ray displays the supporting bone structure of the teeth and a child’s permanent teeth growing below the baby teeth.

Panoramic X-rays show all teeth on one film along with the upper and lower jaws. Panoramic X-rays are most commonly used when a child has injured his or her face or is undergoing orthodontic problems.

Occlusal X-rays are used to view either the upper or lower teeth on one film. Occlusal X-rays are beneficial if the dentist does not have a panoramic X-ray machine or the child is struggling in taking a bitewing X-ray.

Orthodontic X-rays display the head from the side view. It is primarily used to evaluate jaw growth and the relationship of bones in the skull.

Lindner Dental takes all safety precautions when providing patients with an X-ray. With our advanced X-ray equipment, we can prevent unnecessary radiation and focus the X-ray on a specific part of the mouth. Contact us today at 603.624.3900 to schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists in Bedford NH.