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How to Help Your Child with a Toothache

Toothaches take us by surprise and can come at random. When your child is experiencing a toothache it can be absolutely heartbreaking to watch him or her suffer. Parents often feel helpless when the child is in distress from a toothache. Fortunately, there are some actions we can take to ensure children are quickly relieved from a toothache.

Causes of a Toothache

Not every toothache is in fact a toothache (yes, this can be confusing). Children can bite the inside of his or her tongue or cheek, have sore gums or develop ulcers in the mouth. Teeth that are coming in can feel like toothaches and discolored, broken or loose teeth can also cause a significant amount of pain.

Relieving Tooth Pain

  • Make sure your child is flossing every single day so food particles don’t get stuck in the teeth.
  • Rinse teeth with warm salt water.
  • Relieve swelling by using a cold compress to subdue the pain. Keep this on your child’s mouth for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be provided to your child to help ease the pain. Make sure you read the instructions on the bottle.

If the pain does persist, and your child is experiencing a fever or fatigue, you need to call your pediatrician immediately. More serious issues can occur when your child is having trouble breathing with their mouth pain. If the steps above don’t remedy the situation, please remain calm. Your child’s actions are a result of yours so it’s best to keep a positive attitude!

Contact Lindner Dental if your child is experiencing a toothache. Feel free to call us at 603.944.9196!