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How to Properly Care for Your Toothbrush

toothpaste on toothbrushGetting your child in the habit of practicing good oral hygiene is critical and taking care of the toothbrush is just as important as taking care of the teeth. Brushing your teeth is only effective if you have a clean toothbrush to properly get the job done.

Rinse After You Use Your Toothbrush

Make sure the bristles on the toothbrush are clean because some debris can remain on the toothbrush which will later damage the bristles.

Don’t Share

It should be common knowledge not to share your toothbrush but you’ll be surprised to find that some people do share toothbrushes. When this happens, germs are spread which can lead you to get extremely sick and your toothbrush is completely contaminated.

Air Dry

Don’t put your toothbrush in a dark container after you brush your teeth because bacteria will grow on the head of the brush, causing you to become sick. Let your toothbrush air dry in an upright position and make sure it’s away from any sprays or perfumes.

When Should I Replace My Toothbrush?

There are several signs that indicate when it’s time to invest in a new toothbrush.

Bristles Falling Out

Loose bristles indicate that your toothbrush has been sufficiently used. This also means that your toothbrush might be a little too old to use. Also, if you’re using a toothbrush with loose bristles, you could potentially swallow synthetic polymers.

Damaged Bristles

When bristles begin to stick outward and they can’t hold their shape, the brush is actually no longer effective.

Toothbrush is 3 Months or Older

If your toothbrush is three months or older, it probably has damaged or missing bristles. Even if the toothbrush is not damaged, you should switch it out for a new one every 3 to 4 months.


If you’ve been sick recently, it’s best to purchase a new toothbrush. Any bacteria or germs can be passed from your mouth to the toothbrush and you could end up getting sick again.

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