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Importance of Wearing Mouthguards

Mouthguards are critical when engaging in any type of sport or physical activity. The soft, plastic device eliminates the potential for oral injuries to the mouth, cheeks, jaw, tongue and teeth. Wearing a mouth reduces the risk of the following sports injuries:

• Broken or chipped teeth
• Fractured crowns
• Lip and cheek injuries
• Root damage
• Fractured jaws
• Concussions

In sports such as football, hockey and boxing, mouthguards are mandatory. Children are often advised to wear mouthguards during basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and wrestling. Typically, mouthguards cover the upper teeth and cushion any type of contact to the face.

The three types of mouthguards include:

Boil and bite mouthguards can be bought at both drugstores and sporting good stores. This mouthguard can be boiled in water and inserted to adjust to the shape of your mouth.

Stock mouthguards come preformed and are ready to wear. However, they are bulky, can make breathing difficult and don’t fit well.

Custom fitted can be easily made by the dentists at Lindner Dental. These types offer the best fit and are customized to your teeth. This is the most reliable and durable mouthguard on the market, allowing athletes to participate in sports without worry.

A properly fitted mouthguard made by Lindner Dental is especially important for patients with braces or a fixed bridge. If you suffer a blow to the face without a mouthguard, the brackets could come off or cut the soft tissue in your mouth. Contact Lindner Dental if you are in need of a custom fitted mouthguard.