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Invisalign is a Clear Option

Invisalign | Lindner DentalWhile braces are sure to straighten teeth and correct overbites, the constant upkeep of the wires and metal can leave patients feeling quite overwhelmed. Invisalign™ is a healthy alternative to braces, offering a clear solution to the straightening process.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Understanding the entire Invisalign™ procedure allows patients to feel more confident with their decision. While the treatment itself is essentially painless, it’s always wise to gain a clear grasp on what will be accomplished.

Unlike standard braces, Invisalign™ is virtually invisible. The clear, plastic aligners won’t shine in pictures or scrape against your gums. They are also removable and easy to clean so you are not limited to specific foods.

Straighter teeth also mean healthier gums. When gums get swollen or red this can be due to having crowded or widely spaced teeth. The Invisalign™ process rectifies this and leaves the gums fitting around the teeth more securely.

Cleaning Your Trays

A great perk to Invisalign™ is that you can slip them off and brush as usual. It’s imperative that whenever you chew food or drink anything other than water, brush your teeth prior to putting your Invisalign™ back in. The clear trays tend to stain easily so always make sure to brush out the trays and avoid using denture cleaner. There are many cleaning products designed specifically for Invisalign™ so be sure to ask your dental provider.

If you are interested in Invisalign™, contact Linder Dental for a consultation. We offer professional dental services and have many years of experience straightening teeth with Invisalign™. As a matter of fact, Dr. Gary Lindner was the first Invisalign™ Elite Orthodontist recognized in New Hampshire for his extensive Invisalign™ experience caring for teens and adults. Our dentists incorporate the use of 3-D proprietary software to make custom trays that fit your individual needs.