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Lindner Dental Welcomes a New Orthodontist

Dr. Tracy Pogal-Sussman, the Newest Orthodontist at Lindner Dental Associates

dr-tracyLindner Dental is proud to welcome Dr. Tracy Pogal-Sussman as the newest addition to our staff of exceptional dentists and orthodontists. At Lindner Dental we are committed to providing top notch, quality care to our patients.  Dr. Pogal-Sussman is an excellent addition to our team, prepared to help patients achieve healthy, confident, straighter smiles by reaching their orthodontic goals.

Dr. Pogal-Sussman is passionate about orthodontics, combining her love of math, problem solving, and oral health. Dr. Pogal-Sussman was raised in Rochester, NY where both of her parents practiced dentistry.  She graduated with both a bachelor’s degree with highest honors and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University and went on to graduate from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine with honors. After dental school, Dr. Pogal-Sussman pursued specialty training in Orthodontics from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  For more information on Dr. Pogal-Sussman’s experience, read her staff bio page.

At Lindner Dental Associates we are committed to creating a family friendly environment around oral health. Visits to the dentist office should be anything but scary. The Lindner Dental office is a fun, comfortable space that puts even our most anxious patients at ease. We are excited to have Dr. Pogal-Sussman here with us to contribute to that environment. Her mission is to “create a fun atmosphere in the office where every parent and patient leaves with a smile and looks forward to coming back for their next visit”

Dr. Pogal-Sussman works with every age group including children, teens, and adults. Like all of the dentists and orthodontists here at Lindner Dental Associates, Dr. Pogal-Sussman wants to give her patients the confidence of a great smile! As one of her patients, expect nothing but the best! Welcome to the Lindner Dental community, Dr. Tracy Pogal-Sussman!