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Am I Too Old For Orthodontic Treatment?

If you’ve been living with crooked or crowded teeth for most of your life, but have never undergone orthodontic treatment to correct them, you might be wondering if you’ve “aged out,” so to speak, at this stage of your life. The short answer is this: As long as your teeth are healthy, you are never too old for the orthodontic correction! In fact, there are many reasons to consider getting your smile fixed during your adult years. As you read on, you’ll see just a few of these.

You’ll have greater confidence

Whether you would like to improve your confidence level for a specific reason, such as advancing your career, or you simply want to feel better about your appearance in general, undergoing orthodontic treatment as an adult is a surefire way to give yourself a major confidence boost.

You can choose a practitioner who is right for you

As an adult, you can find a practitioner who perfectly meets your needs. Some Orthodontists have extra experience working with adults who are interested in learning about the orthodontic options that are available to them.

Today’s braces are typically discreet

It’s not uncommon for adults to put-off visiting an orthodontist because they are concerned about how they will look with metal braces. In many cases, however, clear braces can be used to fix orthodontic problems in this day and age. This discreet option is perfect for people who are hesitant to get metal brackets. If you learn that your dental problems are too severe for clear braces, you and your Orthodontist will discuss the options that are right for you.

Your oral health will likely improve

Certain orthodontic problems can make it difficult for people to properly care for their teeth. Overcrowding, for example, can cause issues with both brushing and flossing, leading to trapped food particles, and, ultimately, decay. By undergoing orthodontic treatment, no matter what age you are, you will be taking a proactive step toward preserving your oral health for the future.


If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with one of our Board-Certified Orthodontists to discuss your orthodontic options, give Lindner Dental Associates a call today. Our compassionate staff will take excellent care of you and looks forward to helping you achieve a smile you can be proud of for the rest of your life!