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Options for Replacing a Missing Tooth

Teeth can fall out for many reasons, whether it’s a sports related injury or poor oral hygiene. Before choosing the best method to replace your missing teeth, consider which ones are missing. If you’ve lost molars, you may need a procedure that is not necessary for missing front teeth.

Below are several options you can take if your tooth is missing.

Do Nothing

If you have a missing tooth and it does not directly impact the surrounding teeth, then you may not need to replace it at all. However, if a tooth has been missing for a long time, adjacent teeth can shift and alter the bite. Additionally, you could be at a risk of bone loss depending on which tooth is missing.


Conventional dentistry has utilized the method of bridgework but there are several drawbacks to take note of. If the two anchor teeth are compromised, you’ll end up losing both teeth. The anchor teeth could also strip away the outer tooth structure to prepare for the bridge. Lastly, you’ll want to use a water pick to sufficiently floss because regular floss won’t get the job done.

Dental Implants

During a dental implant procedure, the dentists install a post into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. After this, a crown is then posted. While this can be a costlier procedure, you will have a full chewing surface and other teeth will not shift.

Contact the team at Lindner Dental for more information regarding tooth loss. We offer consultations and our talented dentists will provide you with the best tooth replacement options.