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How Parents Can Prepare for Common Dental Emergencies

Life is full of discoveries, especially when you’re growing up. Children tend to be active adventure-seekers, but sometimes their fun and risky experiences result in accidents, such as dental injuries. As parents, we wish to avoid any traumas involving our kids. Some dental emergencies you can’t be ready for, but some of them you can try to prepare for and even avoid with our tips.

Knocked Out Tooth

This is a very time-sensitive issue: if your kid’s permanent tooth gets knocked out – see your dentist immediately! If you are able to find the fallen out tooth in the first place, try to preserve it. Handle it by the crown and rinse carefully only if it is dirty. While you’re on the way to the dentist, keep the tooth in a container filled with the child’s saliva or milk – do not use water! The best option if you are able to, is to replace the tooth where it came from. Hold it in place with a washcloth and see your dentist immediately!

Fractured Tooth

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. Sometimes, kids play rough and the teeth bear the brunt of their actions. If your child fractures a tooth call your dentist right away. The earlier we check the affected tooth, the greater the chances we’ll avoid any complications or infections. If it’s a possibility, try to find the chipped fragment and bring it to the dental office, in milk, for the doctor to take a look at. If not, don’t worry: a chipped tooth can be fixed with a crown.

How to Prepare:

Very often, fractured tooth injuries happen as a result of a sports injury. Invest in a mouthguard for your kid if they are into any kind of contact sports.

An ongoing Toothache

A spontaneous toothache can be soothed with this simple method: a warm water rinse can actually ease the pain. If your child’s toothache persists – it might indicate the symptoms of a more serious issue and needs to be examined by a dental professional. If the same tooth hurts for more than a few days, make an appointment at Lindner Dental Associates as soon as possible.

How to Prepare:

The majority of toothaches are originated from the imperfect oral care routine. Make sure your kid brushes their teeth for two minutes twice a day and flosses as recommended by your family dentist – once a day.  

If your child has a dental emergency, it’s important to call your dentist to prevent further complications. Contact Lindner Dental Associates by calling 603-944-9196! Our pediatric dentists have extensive experience getting kids’ smiles back in working order.