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How to Prevent Cavities While Wearing Braces

Whether you’re a parent of a pre-teen or an adult who decided braces are the best course of action to improve your smile, these orthodontic devices can be challenging to have. Not only do metal braces affect your appearance, they can be uncomfortable at times. Fortunately, once your braces come off and your new smile is revealed, you’ll be glad you went through with the process!


In the meantime, though, is very important to take care of your teeth as best you can with brackets and wires in your mouth. One of the toughest, but least discussed, aspects of having braces is the difficulty of preventing cavities. As you continue reading below, you’ll learn about a few ways you can keep your teeth cavity-free until you are finished with your metal braces once and for all.


Brush your teeth after every time you eat.

This might seem like overkill, but it really will prevent food from getting caught in your braces, ultimately causing tooth decay. Even if you just eat a snack or drink a sugary drink, you should give your teeth a thorough brushing. After all, isn’t it worth spending a little extra money on toothpaste to prevent having a cavity filled? We think so too.


Drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated is good for your body for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it can help prevent cavities in people who have braces. Water cleans your mouth, rinsing food particles off of the brackets and wires you have on your teeth. Drinking water isn’t a replacement for brushing, but it is a great option if you’re at a restaurant or out and about.


Eat healthy foods.

The healthier your diet is, the less likely you are to get cavities in general; this is no exception when you have braces. Fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-laden food items are not as likely to cause cavities as sugary, over-processed fare. That said, even if you eat extremely clean all the time, you still need to brush and floss frequently to prevent any buildup of food particles in your braces.


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