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Reasons You Need a Dental Checkup

Dental checkups should be done every six months to maintain your oral hygiene. In between dental visits, it’s important to clean your teeth and gums twice a day. Let’s explore what goes on during a dental cleanup and why it’s important.

Enamel Removal

Even if you scrub your teeth several times a day, you’ll never get into those hard-to-reach areas. Plaque builds up, creates tartar and then hardens which leads to cavities. An expert dental technician will make sure to remove any tartar on the teeth.


If you feel pain in your mouth but don’t know the cause, an x-ray is the best way to discover the issue; you could potentially have impacted wisdom teeth or you may need a root canal. X-rays will help your dentist determine what the issue is.

Check for Cavities

Once you have your usual cleaning, the dentist will look at your teeth for cavities. If you already have a cavity and it tears into the enamel, the pulp can become inflamed and lead to root damage. Having a regular checkup will prevent your cavities from growing worse.

Overall Health

When patients don’t practice good oral hygiene, this can complicate other conditions including heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and endocarditis.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea occurs when someone stops breathing in small intervals. It not only causes drowsiness but it can lead to heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. A customized mouth guard may be made by your dentist to open the airway and eliminate snoring.

Screening of Oral Cancer

There are about 130 new cases of oral cancer every day in the U.S. By detecting this early at a dental checkup, you can significantly increase your chances of survival.

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