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Taking Children to the Dentist

Bringing your children to the dentist is necessary to keep their teeth strong and encourage oral hygiene. However, lying in a chair filled with odd objects, unfamiliar noises and a stranger poking around with unusual instruments can be quite frightening from a child’s perspective. In order to calm your child’s nerves and make future visits less intimidating, follow these steps below.

Begin Young

The first visit to the dentist should begin at age 1 or at the sight of the first visible tooth. Beginning at an early age will provide the child with a “dental home” where all needs are met including periodic preventative visits.

Stay Away from Too Many Details

Discussing the dentist visit too much with your child may cause added anxiety. It’s best to remain positive without providing your child with false hope. Make sure to avoid saying phrases like “Everything will be fine,” in case your child needs additional treatment.

Watch your Words

Don’t use the words shot, hurt or pain with your children. Let the dentist introduce their vocabulary to your children to help them get through difficult situations. Use phrases such as, “strong, clean, healthy teeth” to keep the visit positive.

Do Not Attempt to Relate

Often times, parents bring their children to their own dentist appointment but this is a huge mistake. Adults can feel anxious during the visit without even realizing it but children can sense those fears. A sterile, adult dental office lacks the appeal of a child-friendly dentist— some come equipped with video games, bright pictures and movies for children.

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