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Tips for Helping Your Child Deal with Sensitive Teeth

Most children try to avoid brushing their teeth at all costs and some kids need to do this because their teeth are much too sensitive. There are several reasons for this but it can be difficult for a parent to determine the root of the issue. Determining what to use for sensitive teeth means you must figure out why your child’s teeth are sensitive to begin with.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth in Children

Typically, people have sensitive teeth between the ages of 25-30 but children can experience this too. If your child has poor dental habits, tooth enamel will wear down and your child will have tooth sensitivity. They might feel the sensation when in contact with a toothbrush or eating cold food. Your child could have chipped a tooth in a sports injury, or when eating hard candy, he or she feels sensitivity. In this case, the bacteria irritates the tooth due to the exposed dentin.

Select the Right Toothpaste

There are an abundance of toothpastes available for those with sensitive teeth. However, make sure you speak with a dentist prior to purchasing.

Use Fluoride

In-office fluoride treatments work to strengthen enamel on the teeth and lower the risk of tooth decay. Fluoride in gel or foam form should only be used if your child is at a great risk of tooth decay.

Encourage Better Oral Hygiene

If it’s your child’s oral hygiene that is causing he teeth sensitivity, you must encourage better oral hygiene. This will greatly improve your child’s comfort level when brushing. Make sure they brush twice a day, floss daily and rinse. A toothbrush with soft bristles will also reduce the likelihood of feeling teeth sensitivity again.

When sensitivity becomes an ongoing issue, contact Lindner Dental and we’ll gladly take a look. We have years of experience with pediatric dentistry, infant dental care, sports related injuries and more. Give us a call today at 603.624.3900.