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Top Reasons for a Toothache

Even if you have exceptional oral hygiene care there will be a day where you experience a toothache. Cavities are typically the main cause of a tooth ache but there are several other factors that could trigger this.

Braces or Dental Alignments

When braces are tightened or adjusted patients typically notice a fair amount of pain. However, this will decrease within a few days. If the pain does persist, you may need your orthodontist to readjust your orthodontic appliance.

Wisdom Teeth

Misaligned teeth can push against each other which causes aches and pain. Wisdom teeth that are impacted and haven’t broken through the gum line can be very painful. Surgery may need to be undergone to fix the impacted wisdom teeth but you will need to discuss this with your orthodontist.

Brushing Your Teeth Incorrectly

Many people press too hard when brushing and flossing their teeth which typically leads to irritated or inflamed gums. When a significant amount of pressure is used every day, the gums will recede, leading to a toothache.

Grinding Your Teeth

People who grind their teeth while sleeping or when stressed typically suffer from toothaches. When you grind your teeth you’ll not only have toothaches but you can experience sore jaw bones, joints, headaches, etc.

Damaged Fillings

Dental fillings protect vulnerable parts of your teeth and when they are damaged, sensitive parts are exposed to food particles and bacteria. The pain could be a dull ache or a piercing sensation. If you notice a damaged filling, make sure to book an emergency appointment with the dentist.

Hot or Cold Foods

Have you ever felt pain after biting into food that is either hot or extremely cold? There’s a good chance that the enamel on your tooth has worn down and the dentin is now exposed.

Fractured Tooth

Fractured teeth often occur when playing sports or biting down on a hard candy. When you feel pain, the fracture probably went up to the middle of the tooth and leads to a serious amount of pain.

Gum Disease

Bleeding gums or pain in the mouth are both signs of gum disease. When this is left untreated, the teeth, gums and bones can be damaged or lost. You’ll need to have surgery to remove the infection from the mouth.


If you haven’t seen a dentist about your tooth decay and it grows worse than the root under the surface has most likely become infected too. This typically leads to a serious amount of pain and it can be quite challenging to figure out which tooth it’s from.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is by far the leading cause of a toothache.  The decay is typically in the inner layer of the tooth and the dentin becomes extremely sensitive. When the ache turns into a pain, then the tooth decay is probably in the center of the tooth.

If you find yourself with any of the symptoms above but you’re still not sure why you are experiencing a toothache, call Lindner Dental at 603.624.3900. Our dentists will gladly examine your teeth to determine the root of the issue.