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What Happens After the Invisalign Treatment is Done? Will I Need Retainers?

Invisalign is a reliable treatment for teens and adults looking to straighten their teeth without the embarrassment of metal wires. Once the treatment is completed however, there is still some more work to be done.

Our dentist will finish your treatment with a 3D impression of your teeth.  Retainers will then be customized for both your upper and lower teeth. For teens specifically, the bones are still soft which means without retainers, teeth in your jaws will migrate into their old position. As adults, the bones become thicker creating less of a tendency to shift again.

Every patient has a ligament in their mouth called a periodontal ligament. This becomes stretched during the Invisalign treatment. When the process is completed, the ligament will revert to its original position. With these reasons alone, a retainer is crucial to ensure that it stays in its proper place. If you are interested in Invisalign, contact the professionals at Lindner Dental.