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Why Facial Protection and Mouthguards are a MUST

We want to remind you to play it safe when participating in any type of recreational or organized
activity where your face may come into contact with anything that can damage your mouth and teeth!
An estimated 12 million people ages 5 to 22 have a sports-related injury. This has led to 20 million
lost days of school and approximately $33 billion in healthcare costs.

The most common causes of dental injuries include:

  • falling over
  • being hit in the face
  • having an accident while playing a sport

Some activities and sports are more likely than others to lead to accidents that cause dental injury.
The most common activities that lead to childhood injuries are: basketball, football, bicycling,
playgrounds, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, trampolining and skateboarding.

While some sports related injuries are unavoidable, many can be prevented. Mouth guards and
facemasks have been shown to reduce both the frequency and severity of dental and facial trauma.
It’s best to wear a fitted mouth guard (one that’s custom-made by your dentist).

At Lindner Dental Associates, we make custom mouth guards using cutting-edge digital scanning
technology and 3D printers. Digital impressions allow the dentist to create a virtual, computer-
generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth using lasers and other optical scanning
devices. This technology captures clear and accurate impressions in minutes, without the need for
traditional impression materials (goop) that are often times messy, can have a bad taste, and are
notoriously uncomfortable. Digital scans are fast, accurate and comfortable! Once the digital scan is
taken, 3D printers are used to print highly precise models of your teeth and a lab technician uses the
models to fabricate your customize mouth guard.

We want to help you prevent serious and painful injuries that can take the fun out of what you enjoy.
Whether your child is playing a contact sport or just having fun at recess, at the park, or a backyard
game of kickball, accidents happen. Mouth guards are a must!

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