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The Newest Technology In Orthodontic Treatment: LightForce Braces!

LightForce braces are 3D printed and fully customized to an individual’s needs.  The cutting-edge technology that comes with these braces allows for better accuracy and efficiency with orthodontic treatment. Here are 3 reasons to consider LightForce when it’s time to straighten your teeth and become more confident in your smile.

1. Fewer appointments than traditional braces

Traditional braces come in stock shapes and sizes. There is no customization. Therefore, your orthodontist spends a lot of time during ortho treatment fine-tuning to achieve a good result—sometimes needing to reposition the braces and sometimes by bending wires. This fine-tuning increases the number of appointments needed during your orthodontic treatment and increases the length of time it may take to achieve a beautiful smile. Since LightForce braces are designed to be fully customized these extra appointments for repositioning and wire bending can be avoided.

2. More efficient treatment 

LightForce braces are digitally designed to be unique for you. Because of this customization and digital precision, treatment is more efficient.  This means that you may not need LightForce braces as long as traditional braces in order to achieve that perfect smile!

3. More aesthetic

LightForce braces are made with a ceramic material that blends in with the color of your teeth. Therefore, they are less noticeable than traditional braces. That being said, you can still choose fun colors to go with your LightForce braces if you are feeling festive!

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